A Chat with Frontiers Speaker, Xiaodong Chen

By Logan Skirm

April 04, 2023

Frontiers in Nanotechnology speaker Xiaodong Chen gave us a preview of his upcoming seminar on the rising demand for the interconnectedness of electronic devices


When did you first become interested in science?

My early experiences shaped my diverse interests. Visiting various sites with my parents sparked my curiosity in architecture—an area beyond the realm of science—which later evolved into a keen interest in crop and fruit cultivation. The mysterious natural world ultimately steered me toward scientific discovery and innovation.


How did you decide to focus on nanotechnology? What was that journey like?

Although my academic background is rooted in chemistry, my PhD and postdoctoral supervisors were pivotal in guiding me toward nanotechnology. Their invaluable mentorship fostered my enthusiasm for interdisciplinary research, and their insights were instrumental in molding my trajectory as a successful scientist.


What research question are you most excited to be working on right now?

I am captivated by the prospect of combining nano-bio interfaces with sense digitalization to develop sophisticated cyber-human interface systems. As we advance technologies that facilitate a seamless interface between humans and machines, we unlock novel possibilities in healthcare and beyond. My research endeavors to craft innovative solutions that harness the potential of these powerful interfaces, ushering in a more interconnected future.

My team is working on a cutting-edge technology platform that merges soft electronics and biochemical signals to revolutionize healthcare. This breakthrough in cyber-physiochemical interfaces could enable continuous lifestyle monitoring and early intervention, expedite early disease diagnostics, facilitate minimally invasive surgeries, ensure precise drug delivery, and promote targeted cell or tissue repair. I am excited to be a part of this pioneering research, which carries the promise of propelling science and technology forward for the betterment of humankind.


What aspect of your research do you think would most surprise people?

Many might be taken aback by the far-reaching implications of fusing nano-bio interfaces with sense digitalization. This seamless integration between humans and machines has the potential to transform fields such as healthcare, communication, and numerous others, ultimately leading to a more connected future exemplified by AI-integrated digital healthcare systems.


What is one nanotechnology breakthrough you would like to see happen in your lifetime?

One nanotechnology breakthrough I am particularly excited about is the advent of nanorobots for medical applications. This innovation could fundamentally reshape medical treatments by enabling targeted drug delivery, minimally invasive surgical procedures, and even repair damaged cells or tissues within the human body. Such groundbreaking advancements could profoundly impact the medical sphere and improve countless lives.


How can people keep up to date on your work?

The Xiaodong Chen Research Group website ( is where we post all our news. I am on twitter @ChenXD_NTU_Sg.


Dr. Xiaodong Chen is speaking at Frontiers in Nanotechnology Seminar Series on Thu, April 13, at 11:00 am in Ryan Hall #4003. Be sure to stay updated on this and future seminar speakers at