Awards and Honors

Sarah Petrosko Receives the Omar Farha Award for Research Leadership

By Seth Zimmerman

December 12, 2023

IIN Associate Director, Sarah Petrosko, is this year’s recipient of the Omar Farha Award for Research Leadership, which is awarded for stewardship, cooperation, and leadership in the finest pursuit of research in chemistry.

“Sarah Petrosko was the selection of the Faculty Honors Committee because of her outstanding leadership role in Chad Mirkin’s research group, but to the operation and strategies of the International Institute for Nanotechnology (IIN), to various aspects of the Department of Chemistry, and to the organization of external conferences,”said Richard Silverman, chair of the Faculty Honors Committee. “Sarah has conceptionalized, organized, and written with other coauthors scientific textbooks on nanotechnology and molecular programming and is spearheading the writing of a general public textbook and a children’s book on nanoscience/technology.”

Sarah joined the IIN in 2011 and has published over 35 articles and book chapters, including ones that focus on how traditional chemistry concepts can be viewed through the lens of modern nanotechnology research, and authored numerous patents.