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Former IIN Fellows featured in Forbes ’30 Under 30′ List

January 07, 2015

Forbes released their 2015 ’30 under 30’ and we have two former IIN Fellows highlighted in science!  Evelyn Auyeung, Former Ryan Fellow, and Charles Sing, Former IIN Postdoctoral Fellow, were both highlighted in the 2015 list.

  • Evelyn Auyeung – Imagine an erector set so tiny it used DNA. Evelyn Auyeung uses DNA to get nano-particles to self-assemble. In addition to expanding our fundamental knowledge of how matter interacts at very small scales, this could lead to faster and more efficient methods for processing chemicals cheaply and efficiently.
  • Charles Sing – Sing uses computational and theoretical tools to study the physics of polymers, the molecular chains of repeating atoms that include most plastics. The idea is to figure out how scientists can make new chemicals in silico, so that they can be designed, not just created through trial and error.

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