Commercialization Program

Academic exploration in the field of nanotechnology is often driven by federal and state investment, with the hope that this investment will bear fruit in the marketplace.

The IIN's Small Business Entrepreneur's Evaluation (SBEE) program provides a platform for scientists and engineers to present their newly developed technologies and receive assistance in the development of viable business plans.

Through this program, faculty members are offered the opportunity to present their marketable technology to an audience of students from the NU Kellogg School of Management, who then may use this as a springboard for writing a complete business plan. The success of the SBEE program is evidenced by the formulation of 20 start-up companies since the inception of the IIN who have raised over $700 million in venture capital to date. Some of these companies are listed below.

For information on this program, please contact Industrial Liaison, Sarah H. Petrosko, PhD at 847-467-4937 or via email.

Developing the first effective therapeutics and diagnostics for Alzheimer's disease and other memory-related disorders (2004, Klein).
American Bio-Optics Developing innovative diagnostic tools to identify patients at high risk of colorectal cancer (2007, Backman).
AuraSense Developing engineered gold nanoparticles as thera peutics and as novel assays within live cells for heart disease and cancer (2009, Mirkin/Thaxton).
AuraSense Therapeutics Pursuing the unique commercial potential of Spherical Nucleic Acid constructs as therapeutics for heart disease, cancer, skin conditons and bacterial infections (2012, Mirkin).
Citrics BioMedical Developing and producing devises for tissue regeneration and replacement (2009, Ameer).
Integrated Micro Devices
Rapid prototyping of bioMEMS and polymer MEMS (2001, Liu)
iNfinitesimal LLC Developing nanoscale devices, scalable nanomanufacturing tools, microdevices for in situ characterization, and targeted delivery tools for single cell studies (2010, Espinosa).
Developing innovative, proprietary nanoscale structures for use as therapeutic and vaccine delivery platforms (2003, Sligar).
Nanoscale manufacturing and applications development for the life sciences, engineering, pharmaceutical and education industries (2002, Mirkin).
Supplying single-walled carbon nanotubes with uniform diameter and/or electronic type (2007, Hersam)
Commercializing technology developed in the fields of scanning near-field ultrasound holography and MOSFET embedded cantilevers (2008, Dravid)
Developing commercial diagnostic systems based on DNA-gold nanoparticle assays (2000, Mirkin).
Utilizing self-assembling amphiphilic molecules for drug discovery and novel therapeutic tissue regeneration (2004, Stupp).
NUMat Technologies Computationally designs and synthesizes high performing nanomaterials for gas storage and separation applications (2012, Snurr, Hupp, Farha).
Developing and producing point-of-care electronic pathogen devices capable of detecting biomarkers without added reagents, separation, or wash (2003, Meade).
Supplying semiconductor, dielectric, and interfacial materials for the print and flexible electronics industry (2005, Marks).
PreDx Developing and producing bioactivatable contrast agents for imaging diagnostics (2006, Meade).
SAMDITech Providing high-throughput biomarker screening for in vitro nanodiagnostics (2007, Mrksich).
Developing therapeutics based on silencing genes through modification and control of RNAi (2006, Sontheimer).